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R & D

AMA Research and Development Utilizing Our Combined Strengths

As a company that contributes to society through its advanced materials, we are opening up the future through the Group’s combined strengths and open innovation, focusing on the development of revolutionary new technologies and the pursuit of the ultimate limits of our core technologies.
To achieve technology Innovation and Life Innovation, AMA GROUP areas of special focus in recent years, it is particularly important to have an organization which facilitates integration through cross-organization activities, close collaboration and technical interaction. The key factor for innovation is accurately identifying customer needs and the value of technologies so the group’s combined strength can be fully exhibited.

Combined Strength Approach

Our Technology Center is our control tower, where all of our R&D capabilities are brought together. There, we combine our core technologies with tech. engineering processes, engineering, fundamental technologies with analytical capabilities, and technologies particular to each of our business divisions. In this way, we maximize the group’s combined strength and in so doing, accelerate R&D, and the speed at which we solve important technical issues.

Strengthening Fundamental Technology Capabilities-Fundamental Technologies Liaison Conferences

Targeting greater depth and evolution of the fundamental technologies that form the technical basis at AMA , the supply Technologies Liaison Conferences are currently active in polymerization, material application processing, raw material processing . Targets are also being set for nanotechnology, biotechnology, informatics and data science and other fundamental technologies vital in forging the future for AMA . A total of 7 Fundamental Technologies Liaison Conferences are presently active, with these groups playing the collective role of an “academic society” within the overall AMA organization.

Trends in international Projects Participation

AMA Group strongly promote global cross-sector collaboration among industry, government and academia to introduce original ideas arising from basic science, and to collaborate with diverse partners.

  • Participation Projects


Analyze AMA technology, compare competence with other companies
Promote internal technology exchanges (symposiums, study groups, etc.)
Plan and hold specialized independent study courses
Promote exchanges with universities
Cultivate human resources, carry on technology
Propose technology measures